Pope Intends to Visit Ukraine

   His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk said that Pope Francis is expected to visit Ukraine. Patriarch Sviastoslav said "We have good news. We expect him (Pope Francis) to visit Ukraine. This has not yet been announced, but we are already living in anticipation and preparation".

   Patriarch Sviatoslav said that a few weeks ago, he had the opportunity to personally communicate with Pope Francis about Ukraine, and that Pope Francis is very concerned about the fate of ordinary people.

   "The Holy Father was very interested in how the Ukrainian people live, and he is really very deeply concerned about this," said Patriarch Sviastoslav. He also noted that he told the pope about the common feelings among representatives of various Ukrainian churches and religions that the war will end after the pope visit Ukraine, the forum's press service noted (www.risu.ua).

Dec 6, 2021