Services - November 19 & 20, 2022

Saturday, November 19   4pm - +Health and God's Blessing for our Parishioners

Sunday, November 20 - Twenty Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

   11am - +Bohdan Kletsoun, +Volodymyr Kalantay, +Evhen Kalantay, + Maria                         Manushyn, +Bohdan Bobjak requested by Mykytiouk-Kletsoun Family

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Saturday:     4pm (English)

Sundays:      11am (Ukrainian/English)

Holydays:     Check website

Confessions: Half hour before Liturgy

Feast Days

January             Baptism of Our Lord

February            Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple (Blessing of Candles)

March                Annunciation of Our Mother of God

March                Palm (Flowery) Sunday (Blessing of Pussy Willows)

April                  Ascension of Our Lord (Easter)

May                   Pentecost Sunday

August               Transfiguration of Our Lord (Blessing of Fruit)

August               Dormition of the Mother of God (Blessing of Flowers)

September         Nativity of the Mother of God

September         Exaltation of the Holy Cross

November          Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple

December 25      Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas)