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As we watch the harrowing images of the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfold across our television screens and in our social media feed, many of us have been grappling with what we can do from afar to help the people fleeing the war and seeking safety. 


Americans have shown their solidarity with the Ukrainian people through donations to frontline organizations responding to the crisis at borders across Europe and through support for the Ukrainian American community. Now we are being called upon to step up as Welcomers.


President Biden announced that 100,000 people forced to flee Ukraine can seek safe haven in the United States, and beginning April 25, they can apply to come here  under a government program known as “Uniting for Ukraine.” But coming to the United States through this pathway requires support from a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or other legally-residing individual – including representatives of non-government organizations.


You can help.


We have partnered with Welcome.US to amplify the call to action for 100,000 Americans to step up as sponsors and welcomers for Ukrainian newcomers.


By becoming a sponsor, you can provide the necessary support for a family or individual fleeing the war and make sure they are successfully welcomed into our communities. The federal government will vet and approve the applications of both sponsors and people from Ukraine seeking humanitarian parole.


If you’re not ready to sponsor, but still want to help, the Ukraine Welcome Hub also offers details on other acts of welcome you can take to support Ukrainian newcomers in the United States. By becoming a welcomer, you can donate to the Welcome Fund to support frontline organizations, donate housing to Airbnb, donate miles to Miles4Migrants, and sign up to keep informed on ways to welcome Ukrainians, including upcoming volunteer opportunities in your community.


People fleeing the violence and horrors of the last two months in Ukraine now have the opportunity to live in safety and stability as our new neighbors. This is an opportunity that should be available for all newcomers seeking refuge here.


It’s a long road ahead, but with all of us coming together to embody the best of our community’s values, we can help pave a smoother path for Ukrainian newcomers as they begin their journey of healing and rebuilding.


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Thank you,


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